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Hi there!

I’m so glad you’re reading this right now, I hope you’re doing great. And if not, I genuinely wish that things get better for you soon.

If you’re new to Medium or even my profile, it might take you a while to go through my articles and decide that I’m definitely worth your time. So, I’ll save you the effort of scrolling and make an index here.

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What can I say? I don’t dream of labor

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

In 2021, having a side hustle is not just a flex. It’s more normal to have one than it is special.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

“You want that extra source of income.”

“How else will you follow your passion securely?”

Well, all that is fine. The thing is, I don’t like it.

I work a 9–5 (well, 10–8) IT job. And I am struggling to keep up with my writing. Waking up early, writing late at night, writing on the weekends, I tried it all. And I am exhausted.

“You Have The Time, You’re Just Lazy”

People never fail to point out that…

What not to say to a grieving person

A picture of my grandfather and me | Photo by author

On Friday, April 16th, 2021, my grandfather passed away. He had been severely hit by COVID-19 and he fought till the end, but couldn’t anymore. My mother who had done her very best to bring him back to health was devastated. I’ve never seen her cry like that before. That evening, as I was fielding her calls and helping her answer them without straining her throat more, I noticed a lot of people saying the same thing.

“You’re crying so much. You need to be strong and brave!”

“I know it’s hard, but you can’t be weak in front of…


And what you can watch after the wreckage

What it feels like to walk away from these series finales | Image source

Yes, you’re reading that right. I am comparing ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to ‘Game of Thrones.’ A fun, light sitcom and a fantasy drama. I know it sounds far-fetched, but I’ll show you what I mean.

This is the first time I am openly “critiquing” any TV series online. While I will be highlighting precisely what ticked me off about these shows, I want to say that they are, on the whole, wonderful. HIMYM is funny, entertaining, and teaches us important life lessons in the most endearing way.

This viral campaign promoted body hair while selling women’s razors

A woman in a bathtub shaves her legs.
A woman in a bathtub shaves her legs.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“I’m your Venus. I’m your fire, your desire.”

That’s the chorus to Shocking Blue’s superhit ‘Venus’ — the song adapted by Gillette commercials for women’s razors.

This was one of the very first adverts for Gillette’s Venus razor back in 2001. Tens of women are pictured lying on a beach in bikinis, rhythmically swaying their shiny, perfectly smooth legs. Gillette’s wonder-product was designed to let women “reveal the inner goddess” in us. There’s just one tiny issue with all these ads.

Why are women shaving hairless legs?

Most Ads Flaunt the ‘Aesthetic Goddess’ Vibe

Apart from the ads I’ve seen on television all these years, I went…

I have GIFs to show you what I mean

Shawn Mendes | Wikimedia Commons

“I know I can treat you better than he can
Tell me why are we wasting time
On all your wasted crying
When you should be with me instead?”

If you aren’t familiar with the lyrics above, they’re from Shawn Mendes’s superhit song ‘Treat You Better.’ If Medium were a person, I imagine that person singing these words to us writers to show how much he appreciates us.

I’ve seen one intriguing theory about the bonus floating around in Medium circles — that they did it to stand out from the other platforms. We know there has been quite a…

Is a deadline more serious than a pandemic?

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I live in Chennai, a major Indian city. If you’ve somehow managed to tune out the news for a month, I’ll tell you what’s happening. We have more than 250,000 new Covid cases per day in India, our medical resources are running out, and our healthcare system is overburdened.

To put it bluntly, shit has hit the fan.

You see, this is drastically different from the first wave. Back then, our precautions worked and we actually had some hope. …

A campaign that made the world stop and say “Huh?”

The iconic SnickersGate poster | Twitter

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

How many times have we heard that tagline? Funny adverts, attractive food videography, and a catchy saying we can all get behind. They’re damn right, I’m not me when I’m hungry.

Just in case you don’t know Snickers, here’s a short intro. ‘Snickers’ is a chocolate bar brand that was made by an American company called Mars Inc. A standard Snickers bar is made up of nougat, caramel, and peanuts coated in a milk chocolate layer. …

A “woke” analysis of my favorite music

Taylor Swift | Wikimedia Commons

I know what you’re thinking. Taylor Swift is freaking amazing. What do I have against her? Nothing. I’ve been in love with her music since I was 11.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been a fan right from her very first song, ‘Tim McGraw’. The first time I heard her, she was the adorable girl-next-door with an immaculate voice and a fun country vibe.

I sang along to “You’re the reason for the teardrops on my guitar!” when I had no tears, no reason, and no guitar. I sang “It’s a love story, baby, just say yes.” so many times. …

Girl, check your privilege

Rachel Hollis | Facebook

“If you’re unhappy, that’s on you.”

If I had to sum up Rachel’s toxic positivity in one quote(her own, of course), this would be it. This one right here. Don’t even read it twice, it might become some freaky anti-affirmation.

Rachel Hollis is a highly successful party planner, motivational coach, author, and influencer. I’ll start with all the things she should be admired for. Rachel grew up in a small town and at the age of 14, her brother committed suicide. …

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