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Hi there!

I’m so glad you’re reading this right now, I hope you’re doing great. And if not, I genuinely wish that things get better for you soon.

If you’re new to Medium or even my profile, it might take you a while to go through my articles and decide that I’m definitely worth your time. So, I’ll save you the effort of scrolling and make an index here.

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Who’s to blame for my crushed confidence and wild fears?

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

“I’m glad I could be honest with them finally, but I keep fearing they’re judging me a lot and thinking less of me.”

I couldn’t help but crack a sardonic smile as I read what I wrote a year ago.

This story is a little different from what I usually write. This one is going to be candidly personal, in response to a brilliant series of prompts from Jolie A. Doggett on Creators Hub. This week’s ‘WriteHere’ prompt is titled “It’s Not Me, It’s You”.

Yesterday, a while after discovering this prompt, I stumbled upon an old journal of mine…

This torrid love affair led to the brutal slaying of her adoring dad

Sierra and Daniel Halseth | Facebook

“Welcome back to our YouTube channel. Day 3. After murdering someone.”

The video starts with Sierra Halseth(16) and Aaron Guerrero(18) lying down, snuggled together, looking like a picture of bliss. Aaron starts off by welcoming viewers to their “YouTube channel.” The two teens gleefully hold up their fingers, saying “Day 3.”

Aaron continues, “After murdering someone,” to which Sierra lets out a laugh, “Whoa! Don’t put that on the camera.” Her boyfriend then gives her a kiss and says “It was worth it.” They snuggle a little more and talk about how they had a lot of intercourse. …

How to ignite your purpose through movement thinking and elevate your brand starting today

The best business book of 2021,  Activate Brand Purpose
The best business book of 2021,  Activate Brand Purpose
Image source | Disclosure: This is sponsored content that I strongly believe in

There are many books out there about the importance of brand purpose and how to formulate your own. But there aren’t any on one of the most crucial and challenging parts — actually activating your brand purpose.

‘Activate Brand Purpose’ is being recognized as the best leadership book since Andy Grove’s ‘High Output Management.’ This new book is right on 2021 culture, explaining why — when you’re the leader — everything is about activating purpose, especially coming out of the past 18 months, why that’s good, and what to do about it.

Best-selling author Scott Goodson (‘Uprising 2012 in which…

Is it a nightmare or a blessing? I’ll never know

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Ah crap, the alarm had to go off, didn’t it?
It had to. Right when I was in the middle of that beautiful dream.
I was chilling at a Bed and Breakfast in Bali, but no.
I’m back to living the same day for the 100th time.

I’m struggling to open even one-fourth of an eye.
But you bet I’ve scrolled through 20 Instagram reels.
I check my work mail, my Gmail, social media, and blog.
And I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.

I’m not a morning person.
The most you’ll get out of me before noon is a…

The Queen of Crime wrote a wild mystery into her own life

Rosamund Pike(Gone Girl) and Agatha Christie | Wikimedia Commons

“If I do not leave Sunningdale soon, Sunningdale will be the end of me.”

Agatha Christie, to her friend

The life of Agatha Christie seemed quite wonderful. In 1912, she met a charming young soldier named Archibald Christie at a dance. Three months later, Archie proposed to her and she accepted. When World War I broke out in August 1914, Archie was sent to France, while Agatha later took on nurse duties.

Harrowing stories of the ruthless killer’s almost-victims

Photo by Kamil Szumotalski on Unsplash

On a snowy day in 1972, a young Seattle resident had an encounter that could have ended in her murder. An encounter with one of the most notorious psychopaths history has known — Ted Bundy.

[The entire account of this incident is as reported by Kiro7 in their exclusive interview with Sotria Kritsonis.]

One day, Sotria Kritsonis, then 22 years old, was waiting for the city bus to go to school in Renton, Seattle. She had been waiting for over an hour when a tan Volkswagen bug pulled up to her. …

Being “woke” does not excuse your actions

Chrissy Teigen | Image via Wikimedia Commons

“I was a troll, full stop. And I am so sorry.”

That’s a highlighted line from Chrissy Teigen’s latest apology.

When I was 14, a guy asked me for pictures online, and I sent him line after line of an obsolete Justin Bieber song. Just for fun. When he left in a huff after realizing it, I was chuckling. But I felt a little bad for “trolling” him too hard.

Well, what do you know? I guess I was trolling all wrong.

It looks like “trolling” really meant publically shaming an abused teenager and asking them to die. Just another…

A Yosemite selfie gone horribly wrong

Minaxi Murthy and Vishnu Vishwanath | Instagram

“Did you know that wind gusts can be FATAL?? Is our life just worth one photo?”

Those were the words Minaxi Murthy wrote in her Instagram post just months before she and her husband plunged to their end in Yosemite National Park.

Minaxi Murthy and Vishnu Vishwanath were vibrant 30-year-olds who were born and brought up in India. Theirs was a charming romance that lasted through school, engineering college, marriage, and a whole lot of adventures.

Vishnu was described as a brilliant young man who had moved to San Jose, California with his wife for a job at Cisco Systems…

Some of us catch onto life’s truths pretty early

Photo by javier trueba on Unsplash

“What do you want to be when you grow older?”

I had just finished tenth grade. In India, we have two major board exams — 10th and 12th. Well, had. Now, they’re going overboard and insisting that students must feel all that pressure at every grade. Yay, progress? (Not.)

My school did not have 11th and 12th-grade facilities at that time. So, once we were done with 10th, we had to apply to other schools and finish those two grades there.

Some of my friends and I applied to a highly esteemed school. This is one of the best schools…

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